How To Contour Skin With A Cryo Facial?

For a facial workout that makes your skin feel like it’s had 10 glasses of water in 4 minutes, try FaceGym’s Cryo Contour Workout. This intensely hydrating and glow-boosting workout combines our Signature Sculpt workout with a high pressure shot of frozen CO2 and hyaluronic acid from our Cool Lifting device. Completely painless with zero downtime, this powerful concentration of CO2 and atomised ingredients plumps up and tightens skin from the inside out and is perfect for sculpting, lifting and defining face contours with a blast of instant hydration. 

The workout begins with our unique FaceGym Signature Sculpt protocol- warm-up, sculpting, cardio and cool down to release built-up tension and get your blood flow circulating. Let’s take a quick look at each of these workout stages. 

FaceGym Cryo Contour Workout


During the warm up, your Trainer will warm up the muscles and to identify where there is muscle tension and knots to address in the workout.


Facial muscles get an intense workout with our signature whipping technique. Don’t panic! It sounds a lot worse than what it is. Whipping is actually very, very good to release toxins from the skin and draining it out before the sculpting session. Using high energy finger movements, we lift your skin from jawline to cheekbone to enhance blood flow, warm the connective tissue and drain the lymphatic system.


Next, we move into a 2-pronged sculpting technique. First, trainers perform really deep tissue muscle manipulation to lift, tone and tighten the muscles. Then, we use the Pure Lift Face to send potent Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) current to sculpt and define facial contours for improved muscle tone.

Cool Down

During the cool down we focus on restoring the skin with nutrients by applying carefully selected skincare, and using cooling and detoxifying Gua Sha techniques (gentle sweeping motions towards the ear and down to the heart) to drain away toxins and excess fluid build up, enhancing your contours even more. After your Signature Sculpt, we move into the Cryo Contour section of the workout. What’s wonderful about this, is that it takes only 4 extra minutes and the benefits are incredible.

FaceGym Cryo Contour Workout

How Does Cryo Contour Work?

The Cryo technology works in two ways. First, the powerful blast of CO2 and concentrated Hyaluronic acid (HA) activates your skin’s fibroblasts to produce more collagen, and second; the CO2 delivery at an extremely low temperature causes a thermal shock to the skin by bringing a sudden external intense cold source to the skin (normally at 36ºC). This triggers an instant chain reaction within the skin, increasing microcirculation that in turn stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and oxygenation. At FaceGym, we’re all about producing your own natural collagen so we can improve your skin tone, texture and skin tightening.

In 4 minutes you can combat dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles for plumped-up, glowing skin, with next level smoothness.

Who Is This Workout For?

Cryo Treatment Contour works wonders for anyone suffering with dry or dehydrated skin, or for when working and playing hard takes a visible toll– dull, tired, lacklustre complexion. It’s a great option for post holiday skin in need of a hydration blast; as a party prep to plump and boost your natural glow, or as a bi-monthly youth-boosting top up.

Non-invasive, with no pain or downtime, a Cryo Treatment is the perfect workout for anyone wanting to sculpt, lift and define their facial contours, while receiving a blast of instant hydration. 

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