Skincare for Pigmentation

Target discoloration, blemish breakouts, and different types of hyperpigmentation with our high-performance skincare and advanced tech tools for pigment control. Remember that consistency is key, so find a regime that you can stick to for long-term benefits. We make it easy to create askincare routine for pigmentation with FaceGym products designed to target and treat this common skin concern. 

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Active Blast Vegan Collagen
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Skin Changer
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Youth Reformer Serum
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Cheat Mask
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Electric Microneedling Device + Liquid Vitamin Ampoules
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Youthful Active Roller
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Hydrating Active Roller
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Brightening Active Roller
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The Roller Wardrobe
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Pigmentation or discolouration getting in the way of your beauty goals? We've got you covered. Many of our classic and signature products include active ingredients that can reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation - whatever the causes. Discover the FaceGym route to a bright and balanced complexion with our Pigmentation Skincare range.

What causes pigmentation?
A range of underlying causes can lead to skin pigmentation on face skin or anywhere on the body. These can be genetic or hormonal, or they can be related to the natural aging process of the skin and body. It's also possible that skin pigmentation occurs as a result of damage to the skin, such as from acne scars or some kind of injury. Another classic cause of skin pigmentation is related to sun exposure.

How does skincare for pigmentation work?
Active ingredients are the superstars of the best products for hyperpigmentation. These are a range of powerhouse nutrients and formulas that work by brightening the skin and restoring a more even complexion. These can also help to heal and soothe any soreness or irritation, as well as reducing the visible signs of scarring.

What does skincare for pigmentation do for your face?
The best products for hyperpigmentation will work at brightening and balancing the surface of the skin, resulting in a less visible discolouration. Any kind of skin pigmentation treatment will address the issues at the surface level, working to reduce the contrast of hyperpigmentation. Some skincare products will also work in the deeper layers of the skin, delivering the right nutrients that will help skin to regenerate, rejuvenate, and balance the causes of pigmentation.

How to add skincare for pigmentation into your routine
Here at FaceGym, we make it easy for you to include skin pigmentation treatments in your routine in a number of ways. If you want a daily dose of pigmentation skincare, opt for our Skin Changer toner 2-in-1 exfoliating essence toner - you'll be amazed by its brightening benefits. Or you could treat your skin to our Youth Reformer serum which includes the balancing boost of Vitamin C and other powerful nutrients. You might also like our overnight Cheat Mask which delivers potent resurfacing and skin-brightening effects - all while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

If you're looking to target discolouration or find the best cream for pigmentation on face skin, shop the FaceGym range of dedicated skincare products that will help you make pigmentation concerns a thing of the past.



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