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Gee Beauty Kabuki Foundation Brush

Gee Beauty

The secret to a flawless finish. This firm, flat-top brush has the best blending capabilities to allow for a professional foundation application. Skin looks beautiful, finished and camera-ready. Works perfectly with liquid foundations, tinted primers and moisturisers.


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how to use

Apply your face product to the back of your hand. Use the Kabuki Foundation brush to apply a small amount of product in circular motions onto the cheeks, chin, around the nose, forehead, under the eyes and down the neck. Continue to blend with light, circular strokes into hair-line and jawline for a seamless finish.

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“Hands-down, THE Gee girl’s makeup-must-have. There isn’t a flawless finish without it! Our best-selling brush that gives the best beauty results.” Natalie Gee