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J-BEAUTY Beginner Box

Have you heard all about the J-Beauty skincare trend but don't know where to start? This J-Beauty Beginner Skincare Set is perfect way to start your J Beauty journey! Inspired by FaceGym Founder Inge Theron's travels to Japan, we're bringing the hottest Japanese products and trends straight out of Tokyo and into FaceGym Studios. This kit contains Japanese beauty favorites including 2 Sheet Masks, an Enzyme Cleansing Powder, Moisture Gel and Lip Treatment.


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Refer to individual packaging for instructions on how to use each product.

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Our J Beauty Collection is inspired by FaceGym Founder Inge Theron’s travels to Japan. Read Inge’s guide Tokyo’s underground beauty and wellness treatments here.




Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Mask
Enzyme Cleansing Powder
Nature Conc Facial Moisture Gel
Quality 1st All In One Sheet Mask (7 sheets)
Lip38 Degrees Lip Treament +1 (Baby Pink)



Refer to individual packaging for ingredients of each product.