Collagen for Acne: How Does Collagen Help?

Collagen for Acne: How Does Collagen Help?

Acne, blemishes and breakouts are among the most common concerns when it comes to the pursuit of healthy, beautiful skin. 

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not just an issue for teenagers and adolescent skin. The causes of acne are wide-ranging, and while some skin types are more prone to problems than others (thanks to hormones and genetics), there are many factors of modern living that give rise to skin problems. 

It's because acne-prone skin is such a wide-ranging issue for so many people around the world that a great deal of research has gone into the best ways to treat or prevent acne and blemishes. 

One of the most recent and exciting developments in the skincare industry is the beneficial role collagen can play in supporting healthy skin, most notably in reducing the appearance and causes of skin problems. 

So, if acne, spots, and blemishes are blighting your skin health and confidence, read on to discover how this potent protein could help. 

Can collagen help with acne? 

Dealing with acne-prone skin brings with it a range of challenges. From issues such as redness, pore size, and spots, to longer-term problems such as scarring, there are a number of aspects to address in the pursuit of clearer, healthy-looking skin. 

The good news is that the beneficial effects of collagen may help to minimise some of the problems associated with acne. It can also help to support skin health in ways that prevent or reduce future breakouts at the root cause. 

What is collagen? 

Within the beauty industry, collagen has been called many things - from the 'glue' that holds your skin structure together to your beauty BFF – but what actually is it? 

Collagen is a fibrous protein that's naturally produced in the human body. 

You may be thinking – if we produce it ourselves, why do we need to supplement our natural stores of collagen? 

The reason is that although our bodies are designed to produce collagen naturally, these stores can decline over time as we get older. 

If you look at a baby's skin (which is rich with natural stores of collagen) and compare it with the complexion of their grandparents or great-grandparents, you'll get some indication of how declining collagen levels manifest.  

This is why collagen has been so popular amongst skincare for ageing, but the effects and benefits of collagen go beyond fine lines and wrinkles. 

Given that collagen plays a key role in the health and appearance of skin, and bones, as well as cartilage, muscles, tendons and connective tissues, it's easy to see how collagen levels can impact our health and appearance. 

A scientific definition of collagen reveals its role in skin health, in that it makes up the strength and structure of the dermis (skin). In other words, it's a core building block in the health and support of beautiful skin, and this vital role is where it can help those struggling with blemishes and acne. 

How collagen can help with acne

Here are some of the ways that collagen can provide a welcome boost for acne-prone skin. 

Enhanced Healing

One of the most beneficial aspects of healthy collagen levels is the enhanced healing support it naturally provides the body. 

In terms of skincare, this benefit can help to support the skin's natural healing process, meaning that blemishes and spots heal more quickly. 

This aspect alone can make a world of difference to those struggling with breakouts. 

Reduced scarring

A common question when it comes to collagen and acne is whether it can help with scarring. 

The science so far suggests that it has the potential to minimise the depth and appearance of scars from recent blemishes and breakouts. 

As a result, increased collagen can support the appearance of a smoother and clearer complexion. 

Balanced sebum-production

Another way collagen can help with acne is in its effects on your skin's oil production. 

Collagen can help to balance sebum production, which can prevent the excess oils that lead to spots and acne breakouts. In this way, it works beyond the surface level, supporting optimum skin health. 

Blemish-busting benefits of boosting collagen

You're probably wondering how you can get more of this potent protein into your skin. 

At FACEGYM, we've got you covered with a range of skincare heroes that will help you enjoy the benefits of boosting your natural collagen supplies.

There are a number of ways you can maximise the benefits of collagen-based products, so that you get their nourishing goodness deep into your complexion and start supporting your overall skin health ASAP. 

Active Blast Vegan Collagen

This collagen booster is a revolution in skincare. It's applied directly to the surface of the skin - in combination with our famous Hydro-Bound Serum - to deliver a potent blast of skin renewal. 

What makes this collagen product so impressive is that it delivers 200 times the beneficial results compared to traditional collagen. Plus, it gets this potent ingredient straight into your skin - where you most want to see its effects and results. 

Collagen Infusion Serum

Another powerful way to get the skin-boosting benefits of collagen working for you fast is to combine our high-performance Collagen Infusion Serum with an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device, such as the Pure Lift device.

This combination of  facial fitness routine and skin-boosting collagen serum packs a powerful punch in the battle against acne and blemishes. 

Your Ultimate Collagen Boost

Now that you know how collagen can be your new best friend when it comes to skin health, the only question now is how quickly can you incorporate this potent protein into your beauty regime? Whether you opt for the blasts of skin-boosting serum, or you harness modern tech with a powerful infusion-EMS combo, you can expect to see some beautiful benefits from your new collagen partner.

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