Skincare Sets

All FACEGYM formulas and tools deliver visible results when used individually, but they perform even better together. We’ve curated these game-changing skincare sets to help you reach your facial fitness goals. With savings of up to 30% on kits, they’re the smartest way to shop - they also make great skincare gifts.

15% Saving
Pro Tool Kit
The Ultimate Tool Kit
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Nourish + Firm Collagen Kit
Dramatically improves your skin’s appearance.
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30% Saving
The Ultimate Collagen Routine
The Ultimate Collagen Routine
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15% Saving
Sleep Cheat Kit
Transform skin while you sleep
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15% Saving
Cleanse + Glow Kit
Get your glow on anytime, anywhere.
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30% Saving
Sculpt + Glow To Go
Unlock the professional results of a studio workout at home
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30% Saving
Youth Boost Kit
Roll your way to a skin transformation
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Prep your skin to perfection with this power pair
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30% Saving
Signature Skin Mini Kit
Balance, hydrate & brighten on the go
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15% Saving
Firming Kit
Firm + Tone The Skin
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Overnight Duo
Cheat Mask Overnight Treatment and Supreme Restructure Moisturizer
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Workout Starter Kit
Workout Starter Kit
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The ultimate blemish-busting AM to PM routine
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30% Saving
The Roller Wardrobe
Your complete Active Rollers Kit to unlock your own skin confidence
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Best Seller
Four steps to ultimate skin confidence
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Take your skincare regime to the next level in one easy step with our fantastic Skincare & Tool Kits. From our legendary Reset Routine Kit to the Workout Starter Kit for FaceGym beginners - these kits help you enjoy the FaceGym results at home. They also make for the perfect skincare gift set.

What are skincare sets?
Here at FaceGym, we know which products work well together to get maximum results. So we've put together a range of skincare sets that make it easy for you to hit your facial fitness goals with minimum effort. We're including some of our most popular and bestselling products, such as our iconic Liftwear moisturiser, our award-winning Face Coach serum, and a selection of our industry-leading Pro Tool, to help you get up and running with the FaceGym results we're famous for.

What are the benefits of buying skincare sets?
One of the biggest benefits of our skincare kits is the cost-saving - help yourself to a wallet-friendly 30% off when compared to buying some kit contents individually.

Another advantage is that it makes it really easy to get started with your next-level skincare routine, with a number of kits including all you need for the classic 3-step regime.

We've also made it easy to address particular skin concerns, such as our Blemish Kit which provides all you need for the ultimate blemish-busting AM to PM routine. And our Signature Skin Mini Kit is perfect for holiday season!

How to add skincare sets into your routine
Our skincare kits can help you upgrade your existing routine with beauty-boosting additions such as tech tools and devices, along with the innovative formulations we're famous for. And our Roller Wardrobe kit will help you personalise your rolling routine and achieve the results you're looking for - whether that skin brightening, hydrating or rejuvenation, or you're looking for more targeted skin treatments.

You might even like to kick-start a whole new skincare regime and our kits are the perfect place to begin. Install some beneficial skincare practices with the tools and products we've spent years developing - all in one handy kit or collection.And our Pro Tool Kit is surely the ultimate skin care kit for women and men alike - use weekly or daily, depending on your facial fitness goals.

Whether you're shopping for the ultimate skincare gift sets, or you want to take advantage of great savings in your own facial fitness, discover the full FaceGym skin care kit collection in our online store.



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