FaceGym Skincare: Consciously Created

FaceGym Skincare: Consciously Created

Our Ingredient Standards

FaceGym’s approach to formulation is simple; we use only clean, vegan, cruelty free, clinically proven high tech “trigger actives” that improve skin’s fitness and kickstart the skin’s building blocks and cellular structure, to boost its own regenerative capacity, improving the skin from the inside out for long term sustainable results.

We have a long and comprehensive blacklist of ingredients that we chose not to use in our formulas. Our proprietary formulas are free of any animal derivatives and petrochemical ingredients such as mineral oils and petrolatum. This is of course alongside the usual suspects of formaldehyde-donor preservatives, parabens, PEGs, cyclic silicones, SLES, and more.

We take sustainability to heart for every ingredient we use in our skincare range, from using ingredients grown in photobioreactors to avoid biodepletion, or raw materials recycled from the food industry to ensuring natural ingredients are grown sustainably and also supporting local communities. For example, the microalgae used in Supreme Restructure was initially harvested from an Alpine lake in the Pyrenees and then grown large scale in photobioreactors in Spain – giving us the most concentrated and pure microalgae extract without leaving any lasting damage to the environment. At FaceGym we define our formulas as Clean Performance this is our promise to use the best available sustainable ingredients, whether naturally derived or synthetic, to achieve transformative clinically proven results.

Our Packaging Standards

  • The exterior Supreme Restructure ‘Forever Pots’ are refillable. Crafted out of aluminium, which is readily (and infinitely) recyclable. The refill pot is made of 100% ocean plastic, re-using 22g of plastic pollution per product produced.
  • Tubes are 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • Serum bottles will continue to be made from glass and readily recyclable.
  • Cartons use 100% FSC board, ensuring they only take materials from managed forests. Inks are plant based, ensuring limited use of toxic substances.
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