Lymphatic Drainage For The Face

Lymphatic Drainage For The Face

Your Lymphatic System & Skin Health

If you have more than a passing interest in your health and well-being, you are probably aware of how important your lymph nodes and lymphatic system are, but you might not be aware of the impact an unhealthy lymphatic system can have on your skin. When this system isn't working as well as it should, you might find you have dehydrated, dull skin, and you may find you're also more susceptible to acne breakouts. So, why is this system so important for good skin health, and how can you help your lymphatic system improve the appearance of your skin?

What is the lymphatic system?

Your lymphatic system is a key part of your immune system. Every day, up to two litres of fluid are absorbed by our body tissue from our bloodstream. This fluid, called lymph, contains toxins, waste, bacteria, and viruses that we want to get rid of from our bodies. This job is handled by the network of capillaries and tubes that transport the fluid (lymph vessels) and the 600 or so lymph nodes in our body, which are responsible for filtering out all these toxins and waste so they don't spread to the rest of our body.

Sometimes, when these lymph nodes are struggling to cope with all the waste and toxins we need them to get rid of, they can become swollen and less effective. When you have impaired lymphatic function that can't effectively manage all the waste and toxins in our body, this isn't great news for your skin health, and why lymphatic drainage can help.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage refers to different techniques used to promote the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system doesn’t have its own means of transportation like the heart pumps the blood so it needs to be accessed manually through lymphatic massage, exercise, deep breathing, Gua Sha etc.

What is face lymphatic drainage massage?

This refers to a gentle facial massage used to activate manual lymph drainage of the fluid buildup in the face and surrounding areas. This light lymphatic facial massage helps to improve circulation, promote lymphatic flow to remove the excess fluid, and push the toxins and waste from the lymph nodes. 

The benefits of working with the lymphatic system include aiding in your body’s detoxification process, helping put your body into its parasympathetic state (rest and repair) as well as helps to depuff by ridding excess water retention.

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Your lymphatic workout partners - Multi-Sculpt & Face Coach

Famed for its lightweight texture, Face Coach is our award-winning face oil that helps to stimulate collagen, improve elasticity and firm the skin. Nicknamed your personal trainer in a bottle, this richly-moisturising oil is formulated with powerful antioxidants including Mastic Tree Extract and Squalane. 

The Multi-Sculpt contouring Gua Sha is great for helping promote lymphatic drainage. Featuring six different edges that help you lift, contour and reduce facial tension, using the long edge of the tool with light pressure and a gentle massaging action over key areas of the face, you can deliver really effective manual lymphatic drainage and help to improve overall lymphatic circulation, depuff the skin and soften fine lines.

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