Bride Divya fell in love with FaceGym in the lead up to her wedding, combining daily workouts at our online studio with our high-performance skincare products. Here Divya shares her journey to the ultimate wedding glow.

I came across Facegym when I was desperately searching for skincare remedies to renew and heal my skin from the damage done due to pollution, excessive screen time during work, and an unhealthy diet. My wedding day was coming up soon, and I thought of giving Facegym a try. I initially started by taking one-on-one online PT session with one of the master trainers for a lower face blast class. Then, I asked all my questions about getting prepped for wedding day. My primary concerns were dull and tired skin, pigmentation under the eyes and cheeks, and visible pimple marks. In addition, as I frown a lot, there are few noticeable wrinkles on my forehead, and due to excessive teeth grinding during sleep, tight and stiff facial muscles were a big problem too.

Weddings are celebrated extravagantly in India, including numerous traditional ceremonies spawned over at least a week. So, it was of paramount importance for me to look my best. I was pretty much convinced in the first workout! I never missed a worked out since then. My skin was definitely getting better day by day, the before and after pictures amazed me. I joined 14-day challenge #askincaremovement and was motivated constantly by looking at the results after each workout. Three months before the wedding day, I started taking online classes with a 30day class pass. That was really fun. I got to work out with several master trainers in various classes targeting different muscles of face, neck, and shoulder. I made sure that I attended for at least three classes in a day. My favourite ones are power lift, full face hit, and eye & browlift! I learned a lot of unique techniques and moves like finger whipping, cheek burpees, knuckling, full face pull ups. I have also learned well on how to use multi-sculpt and facegym pro tools from one-one PT sessions. I consistently worked out every morning and evening, and even during hectic days, I tried to catch up with a quick workout before winding down. I would say that it was so relaxing after the intense workout, all the tight and stressed-out muscles would feel lighter and chilled out.

Two months before the wedding, I purchased the ultimate pro tool kit. I started taking advantage of these high-performance tools, multi-sculpt, facegym pro, hyaluronic roller with active blast in duo with hydro bound serum. This really transformed my skin inside out, boosting radiance and youthful glow that I confidently carried to the wedding. Face ball is really such an under rated tool; it is absolutely the perfect morning workout partner. It is best for knocking out eye puffiness by stimulating muscles, improving fluid movement, and relieving pent-up muscle tension. I love how quickly I can give myself a brow lift with the ball.

I started following the routine of prep, train and recover using the ultrahigh performance skin care, starting with electro-lite gel cleanser followed by hydro bound serum, and layering with the supreme restructure moisturiser. Adding a drop or two of Youth reformer serum in every moisturiser is my favourite thing to do. It smells so divine, and I can’t get enough of it! I am totally obsessed with the products and workouts. I loved how my skin was shining through all day. It was pretty tough for me to keep up with the routine and following exercises during the last four weeks while we were busily planning for the wedding, so I booked four one-on-one PT sessions each week to learn more about the amazing tools that I had with me. My favourite trainers are Michelle, Bethan and Kiana Cruz. They are beyond amazing. I learned how to use hyaluronic roller in combination with the Active blast and used it thrice before the big day once every week. It boosts hydration, plumps out all fine lines and gives you a gorgeous and radiant look. I even use it on my lips, giving them a smoother and plump look. Indeed, consistency is the key to effective and longer-lasting results!

I was working out with the pure lift device every alternate day and it literally just takes 10 mins to achieve such a beautifully toned, lifted, and refreshed look. I am determined to gift pure lift to my mom on her birthday! Additionally, I was also using Active blast collagen in duo with the legendary Hydro-bound serum as a 20-day skin regime. The dark circles, pimple marks and wrinkles have reduced prominently, and skin kept getting clearer and more bouncier. An absolute reboot to your skin! I highly recommend every bride to give facegym skincare and routine a try, and I assure you that she would get obsessed too! I made my partner, mom and sister try the routine and taught them few of my favourite moves. They are a part of facegym family already! I got so many compliments from friends, family and makeup artists that my skin was looking flawless and radiant. Almost everyone in the wedding preferred my makeup free refreshed skin. There are literally no words to express on how amazing I feel after each workout. Say goodbye to double chin, dull and tired skin, puffy eyes, dark circles, pigmentation, pimple marks and wrinkles!!

We celebrated our wedding for about four days enjoying seven beautiful events, each having its significance in Hindu culture at a resort in India. It was very hectic, and I could only sleep for 3-4 hours each day. But, surprisingly, my skin was managing very well, and now I know why. Even with that much stress and sleep deprivation, I worked out with the ball, multisculpt and pure lift device for at least 10-15 mins in a day. Multi-sculpt is a crazy tool for deep contouring and depuffing. I use it almost every day after workout. Multi-sculpt is undeniably the tool of choice if you want your cheek bones and side profile popping! The best part about it is the teeth edge, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and nasolabial folds in just seconds, and I am young all again. I felt like a princess and confidently carried all looks without a tiniest concern about my face 

All your skin concerns can be dealt with by following a simple, easy and quick routine. My daily regime of lift, sculpt and brighten routine includes prep with gel cleanser followed by hydro bound serum, a quick work out with the face coach (never miss adding the magical youth reformer!), and finally finishing up with supreme restructure. Every single skincare product is top notch, and they complement each other so well blending in with any skin type. I am more excited to try the new tools, medi lift EMS mask, face shot and also the new star player, the lift wear moisturiser. I realised that this is the routine I have been searching and craving for years. I learned heaps about my skin needs, muscles and how to manipulate and hone them. Touch down! This has been the most beautiful and enlightening journey so far!!

Facegym has changed my life forever. Since being a part of facegym family, I have never visited any salons or spas for a clean-up or a facial. Facegym is not a facial, it’s a high intensity workout that targets and address your skin concerns from the deep inside to tone and tighten facial muscles giving instant and long-lasting results. I am anxiously waiting for facegym studios to be launched in Sydney. I can’t thank Inge Theron enough for creating the revolutionary holistic skin care of the decade! Who doesn’t want to walk out of a room looking radiant and youthful with their face naturally contoured, more toned, lifted and shining like a diamond? Of course, me! Go experience Facegym yourself.

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