Studio Workouts

Signature Skin Reset A tri-technology facial workout for the ultimate skin reset.
70 Mins High Complete skin reset Group booking
Express Workout Convenient and accessible.
35 Mins Fast Lift Group booking
Signature Hands Hands-only workout.
45 Mins Low Sculpt + Tone Group booking
Signature Sculpt The weekly must-have.
45 Mins High Tighten and Tone Group booking
Clean + Lift Our Signature Sculpt workout with a SKIN IV™ boost. 
60 Mins Medium Deep Clean Group booking
Cryo Contour An intense, hydrating workout.
55 Mins High Locks In Moisture Group booking
Cryo Medi Lift Workout Your complete workout for face sculpting, hydration and tension release.
70 High Tighten + Tone Group booking
Radio Frequency A  high-impact workout combined with radiofrequency. 
85 Mins Intense Sculpt and Tighten Group booking

Our non-invasive studio workouts target the 40+ forgotten muscles in your face to get you face fit. Our trainers perform high-energy knuckling movements and whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulation, collagen production and cell renewal. Whatever your skin or lifestyle needs, our trainers will customise a workout to suit you, using the latest technology and high-performance skincare products.

Our Studios

Come into our studios for the ultimate high-energy experience. Find our studios in London, Manchester, New York City and Los Angeles, with many more to come.

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