Studio Workouts

Ready to get face fit? Our facial treatments are called ‘face workouts’ because our Trainers concentrate on toning your 40+ forgotten face muscles. Combining our legendary muscle manipulation techniques with our results-driven skincare and advanced tech, there’s a facial workout for everyone – from stimulating collagen to lifting, toning and contouring, you’ve never had an experience like this before…

Signature Skin Reset A tri-technology facial workout for the ultimate skin reset.
70 Mins Complete skin reset Group booking
Signature Hands An extended hands-only workout to relieve tension, drain and tone.
45 Mins Tone, drain + sculpt Group booking
Signature Sculpt Our signature workout: muscle manipulation techniques + EMS technology.
45 Mins Tighten and Tone Group booking
Clean + Lift Pairing muscle manipulation techniques with Skin IV™ technology to deeply cleanse and unblock pores.
60 Mins Lift, clear + revitalize Group booking
Cryo Contour An intensely hydrating workout with EMS technology and a high-pressure shot of CO2 to plump skin and lock in moisture for deep rejuvenation.
55 Mins Contour, hydrate + plump Group booking
Cryo Medi Lift Workout Combining EMS and manual microneedling with a shot of CO2 for intense sculpting and hydration.
70 Lift, hydrate + rejuvenate Group booking
Radio Frequency An advanced session with EMS and full-face Radio Frequency for ultimate skin tightening.
85 Mins Boost collagen, firm + tighten Group booking
Our Studios
With 13 global studio locations in London, Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia we’re here to help you workout anytime, anywhere.



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