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Clean + Lift Signature Sculpt workout amplified with exclusive SKIN IV™.
50 mins Medium Deep Clean Group booking
Signature Sculpt High intensity workout to get you face fit.
35 mins High Tones Private PT workout
Cryo Contour An intensely hydrating workout
55 mins High Tone Group booking
Radio Frequency An advanced high impact workout.
70 mins Intense Sculpt + Tighten Group booking
Gua sha Master the art of Gua Sha!
35 mins Light Relaxing Group booking
from $100.00
Cheek Sculpting Think of this like an intense fitness class.
35 mins High Scultps Group booking
from $100.00
Lines and Lip Plumper Naturally enhance lips.
35 mins High Brightens Group booking
from $100.00
Lower Face Lift and Contour A favourite of FACEGYM fans.
35 mins High Tones Group booking
from $100.00
Brow and Eye Lift An all-natural way to refresh and revitalise your brow and eye area.
35 mins Low Lifts Group booking
from $100.00
Pure Lift A power plate for your face!
35 mins Light Relaxing Group booking
from $100.00


A gym for your face, focusing on the 40+ muscles from
the neck up. Find our Studios in the London, Manchester
New York City and Los Angeles with many more to come in 2020.
Follow us on social media to see which city we’re in next.

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