Inge Theron: Her Story

Inge Theron is the Founder & Creative Director of FaceGym. Inge has been writing for the Financial Times for 11 years as their Wellness, Beauty and Spa writer, after a few years into the role, and a journey that saw her visiting 57 spas, sweating through 32 types of fitness classes, experimenting with 25 anti-ageing treatments and enduring 15 x 14 day detoxes which she documented in her column ‘Chronicles of a Spa Junkie’ - she knew the traditional approach to ageing was broken. "Break to Create" was rife, breaking woman's confidence including her own as she submitted to the pressure and starting doing seriously invasive procedures. When a face-lifting procedure left her house bound, Inge realised there must be a better way to age confidently and on her own terms and she channelled all the expensive and time-consuming research of the three years into a unique concept of her own: A non-invasive workout for the face!

Following a two-year study in face massage and muscle stimulation, Inge traversed the globe and worked with amazing doctors, gurus, facialists and fitness experts from Paris to Mexico to create FaceGym, a 30-minute signature workout for the face, consisting of warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down, performed by trainers in the Face Gym studio enhanced with powerful non-invasive machines to lift, sculpt and tone your facial muscles.

With 13 studios spanning across the UK and USA, an Online digital face training platform and skincare range, FaceGym is a fast-paced, dynamic, inspiring and uplifting company that is constantly growing and evolving.


Follow Inge:@ingetheron76


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