How to Tighten Face Muscles with The Signature Sculpt Workout

How to Tighten Face Muscles with The Signature Sculpt Workout

Most of us are keen to keep our bodies as fit and toned as possible, but did you know that we can also work on the muscles in our faces?

Not only that, by paying careful attention to the right kind of facial exercises, it's possible to reduce the appearance of sagging skin, decrease facial fat, tone loose skin, minimize laugh lines, slim a double chin and reduce wrinkles!

It's true - toning and tightening the muscles in your face can be a type of natural facelift.

Can Facial Muscles Be Toned?

They sure can. And the good news is that not only can facial muscles be toned, but the muscles in your face are highly responsive to the right kind of exercise. So with a just little dedication and commitment, you can see inspiring results and fast.

Do Face Tightening Exercises Work?

Yes! In terms of a beauty boost - face tightening exercises can work a treat. This is because much of our facial appearance is a result of the muscles below the skin.

The beauty world has long been fascinated with the surface of the skin, but now there's a massive trend for going deeper and working the facial muscles that affect the shape, tone and overall appearance of the face.

It's a huge topic with lots of potential. Not only are there facial exercises to tighten skin, there are also workouts to help with the following;

Types Of Facial Exercises

Many facial exercise regimes can be done at home. Many are simply techniques of massage or stimulation using your three middle fingers or index fingers to create resistance.

Some workouts are designed to target specific areas or issues, such as facial fat, cheek muscles, upper lip, forehead muscles, outer corners, jaw muscles, lower lids or a squint.

Other workouts offer a broader range of results such as overall toning, facial rejuvenation, optimal wellness, blood circulation and even how to lose weight from your face.

Tighten Your Facial Skin With The Signature Sculpt Workout

FaceGym's Signature Sculpt Workout is our hero protocol, and it forms the foundation for every workout you experience at FaceGym. Working with industry experts, we’ve created a very unique protocol that is divided into warm-up, cardio, sculpting and cool-down.

Similar to a body workout, we put the 40 forgotten muscles of the face through a high-intensity workout designed to tone, lift and sculpt your facial contours, while boosting your natural glow. 

What happens in each stage of a Facial Workout?

1. Warm-up

During the warm-up, your trainer will use her hands and the FaceGym Face Ball to release any knots and tightness deep within the skin. This section includes deep stretching, cleansing, and unique muscle manipulation techniques such as knuckling and repetitive deep long hand sweeps, to warm up the muscles and tissues. The warm-up is key to a successful and beneficial massage. Muscles must be warm and prepped before continuing to manipulate, sculpt and release tension further throughout the workout, to gain improvements in muscle tone and definition.

2. Cardio

The Cardio section of the workout is what FaceGym is famous for: tightening facial muscles! Get an intense workout through a combination of high energy and speed finger techniques over the entire face and neck. Whipping, animal fingers, muscle picking and deep piano fingers stimulate blood flow and circulation, speed up collagen production, increase cell renewal and drain away any unwanted toxins. 

3. Sculpting

Next, we move into a 2-pronged sculpting technique. First, trainers perform really deep tissue muscle manipulation to lift, tone and tighten the muscles and sculpt the skin. Then, we use the FaceGym Pure Lift Face face tool to send a potent Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) current to sculpt and define facial contours for improved muscle tone. This is great for targeting the network of connective tissue and muscles to tone and tighten skin.

4. Cool Down

During the cool down, we focus on restoring the skin with nutrients by applying carefully selected skincare, and using cooling and detoxifying Gua Sha techniques (gentle sweeping motions towards the ear and down to the heart) to drain away toxins and excess fluid build-up, enhancing your contours even more. We use our medical-grade FaceGym Multi-Sculpt tool which has been nicely chilled, to smooth and shape contours and calm down the skin. The cool-down finishes with a refreshing mist, leaving a super-charged glow.

The Signature Sculpt workout is your regular go-to for keeping your muscles toned and taut and your skin glowing.


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