The Lowdown On Vegan Collagen

The Lowdown On Vegan Collagen


Vegan Collagen Supplements

While you may be familiar with collagen, the most powerful natural protein in your body, you may be less familiar with the latest variety, vegan collagen. Plant-based collagen alternatives such as vegan collagen are most commonly found in supplements to help boost the body’s natural collagen production but, with new science and research, vegan collagen is now making its way into the skincare world too. As one of the first brands to launch a vegan collagen skin booster, we’re here to help you get to know this next-generation collagen and understand why it’s about to become the hottest ingredient for skin transformation.

What Is Vegan Collagen?

Traditionally collagen found in supplements and skincare is derived from animal sources such as fish or beef which means people who live an environmentally-friendly or vegan-friendly lifestyle can’t access these products. The latest scientific research has enabled the development of a new type of collagen which can be classified as vegan, as it is fundamentally different to that found in animal-based collagen products and is made by using genetically modified yeast and bacteria, making it ideal as a vegan collagen supplement.

Why Do We Need Collagen - Vegan or Otherwise?

For those who have always appreciated the benefits of supplementing their own collagen production to improve skin elasticity but have been put off by the origins of the collagen in most skincare products, plant based collagen supplements will be welcome news. But if you're new to vegan collagen boosters, you might be wondering why you might need any type of collagen supplement at all.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and actually makes up about one-third of all our protein. It's an important structural protein that provides strength and support to many areas of the body, including the skin - our skin is around 80% collagen! With elastin, these two proteins are what give your skin elasticity and strength and are essential for overall skin health. Collagen is also full of the amino acid our bodies need to function well, with the most abundant amino acids in collagen responsible for its elasticity-boosting anti-ageing benefits.

Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but when we're as young as 20 the collagen we produce can start to decrease by about 1% a year, which is why the skin loses its elasticity as we age and starts to develop wrinkles and lose its firmness. Using topical products containing collagen molecules on the skin can help delay this process and reduce the signs of ageing - and the sooner you start the better!

So collagen supplements can be a great way to counter the impact of the reduction in our own human collagen production and help maintain healthy skin.

FaceGym's Vegan Collagen

Achieved through fourteen years of science by a team of medical experts and university professors, FaceGym's Active Blast Collagen Skin Booster is a world first that sets a new standard for collagen. The vegan collagen ingredient used in the formula is called sh-polypeptide-123, a biosynthetic collagen based on human type III collagen. The ingredient, which comprises 8 amino acids, is manufactured via a patented yeast fermentation process to create a type III mimicking ingredient with a similar molecular footprint. Because of this similar structure, the body is able to more readily recognise it and therefore more likely to absorb it, leading to its bioavailable categorisation - science-speak for ‘it’s more readily absorbed and works better’.

While there are many different types of collagen, our collagen synthesis focused on this type III explicitly as it is the most abundant source of “young collagen” found in the skin, around 80% in infants but this slowly decreases over time which gradually reduces the elasticity and repair functions. This type of collagen creates the elasticity in the tissue and is vital for keeping the skin looking bouncy and youthful.

Is Vegan Collagen Effective?

As the body's collagen production declines, supplements can help provide the collagen we need to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin, and our vegan collagen ingredient outperforms comparable animal-derived collagen on a number of key skin benefits.

No supplement will stimulate collagen production in the body, the clue is in the name - it's meant to 'supplement' it, but the vegan collagen in collagen skin booster promotes cell growth and overall skin regeneration and delivers the same anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle benefits we get from our body’s own collagen. 

So while a supplement won't boost collagen production in the body itself, thanks to our vegan collagen's defined structure, FaceGym's Active Blast Collagen Booster can help to make up for the decline in the body’s own collagen, and what’s more, it performs more consistently than other conventional animal-derived collagen - trials have proven it is up to 200 times better-performing and deliver six times the repairing ability compared to other fish formulations.

The ingredient in our vegan collagen products is also bioavailable, which means it has more affinity to the skin and with the smaller molecule size, it can better penetrate the skin - up to 90% more in the upper layers of the skin.

Now you’ve levelled up your knowledge on vegan collagen, it’s time to activate turbo-charge on your skincare routine and make our new Active Blast Collagen Booster a permanent fixture on your skincare shelf. Renews skin in 7 days, transforms skin in 28 days.

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