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Flawless Velvet Skin

Dr Levy's award winning patented stemcell technology, these combination of treatments is designed to remedy, Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

This treatment includes:

 Deep Cleanse: 3 Deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser

Triple Peel: Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel

Activate & Rejuvenate: Booster Serum

Smooth: Decolletage Regenerating Silk (mini size)

Restore & Plump: R3 Cell Matrix Mask

Dermatologically tested.
Vegan. Cruelty-free. Paraben-free. Made in Switzerland.

Introductory offer

Key Benefits

  • Reduces Dullness
  • Patent Technology
  • Reduces Uneven Textures


Dr. Levy is Switzerland's number 1 Botox® Doctor, and one of the pioneers in stem cells for cosmeceuticals. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, he was the first to introduce Botox®, painless Hyaluronic Acid injections and CO2 laser resurfacing in Switzerland in the 1990s. 

For the past decades, he has focused on cosmeceutical stem cell research, as it was for him the only way to give patients anti-ageing results at the level of the best clinical therapies and devices, safely and at home.

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