Phytoactive Skin Perfecting Essence

This exceptional toning essence by Royal Fern pampers your skin with its nourishing ingredients while exfoliating, gently but thoroughly.

The result is a soft, well-balanced complexion – the perfect basis for your skincare routine.

The carefully balanced combination of anti-inflammatory fern extracts, fruit acid, and gluconolactone nourishes and refines your skin in just seconds. The fruit acid and gluconolactone (a PHA) work to gently exfoliate deep into the pores, normalizing sebum production, fading hyperpigmentation, moisturizing, and balancing the complexion. The removal of dead skin cells enables active ingredients in follow-on care to be absorbed more effectively.

Supported by the antioxidant properties of gluconolactone, the fern extracts in the Phytoactive Perfecting Essence also protect the skin against harmful environmental factors.

Key Benefits

  • Clarifying
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Exfoliating
  • Skin balancing


Suitable for all skin types.

“Skin types which struggle with impurities will especially benefit from the Phytoactive Perfecting Essence’s clarifying and anti-inflammatory properties while the moisturizing effects of the fruit acids and gluconolactones provide a boost for all skin types. Clients with dry skin have also reported that after using the formula, their usual post-exfoliation care feels as though it has been better absorbed and appears to have longer and more intensive effects.” - Dr. Timm Golueke, Dermatologist & Founder Royal Fern Skincare

Apply to the face and neck with a cotton pad every morning and evening. Those with sensitive skin may initially prefer to apply Phytoactive Perfecting Essence to a cotton pad soaked in water before applying to the skin. Alternatively, you can splash it on your face after cleansing and let it soak in before continuing with the next skincare step.

“The Phytoactive Perfecting Essence formula is gentle but effective. If you have very sensitive skin or use additional peels, be sure to monitor your skin’s response closely and, if necessary, reduce the number of applications. Only when your complexion is balanced can its most beautiful side shine through, so be sure to respect its individual needs – even as you celebrate its wonderfully refined and even texture.” - Dr. Timm Golueke, dermatologist & founder Royal Fern Skincare

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