How to Sculpt Your Brow with Weighted Ball & Youth Reformer

If you haven’t joined our famous 21 Day Resetyet don’t worry there’s still plenty of time to hit restart mode and set your intentions for the year ahead.  

Today we’re focussing on our renowned brow sculpting workout. Made famous by our founder Inge Theron this quick and easy home hack will leave you with a more lifted and sculpted appearance in the brow area. These simple techniques will help you tone the muscles above and around the brow, and bring some skin-boosting nutrients to the surface of your skin. 

So, if you like the sound of these results, here are the details on our Brow-Sculpting Workout, as well as a couple of tools that will help you to maximise your workouts so that you can get your own results in real time at home. 

FaceGym’s Brow-Sculpting Workout

Weighted Face Ball

Just as when you workout your body, for any facial workout, it's always important to warm up before you begin your exercises. 

OurWeighted Face Ball is the perfect tool to gently and effectively warm up your facial muscles. (It's one of the key players in our famous Signature Sculpt Workout that is fast becoming a firm favourite in the beauty industry). 

Like a yoga ball for the muscles in your face, it can help to massage your facial muscles, reduce tension and help to boost lymphatic drainage. As an added bonus it helps to detoxify the skin, reduce puffiness and support deep relaxation. 

All you need to do is apply a little pressure to the ball as you place it on your face and roll it over your skin, pushing the ball gently in and also applying some pressure in an upward direction. 

Youth Reformer Serum

Pair these workout techniques with ourYouth Reformer Serum. This rich oil-in-serum with vitamin C works by delivering vital nutrients to the skin which will help to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful, glowing complexion. 

The added ingredients of patchouli and palo santo will also soothe and calm any sensitivity in the skin, as well as help reduce redness and revitalise tired complexions. 

What are the benefits of the brow sculpting workout?

Delivering instantly visible results, we've seen up to an inch of lift in the brow area after just a single session - this home hack is one of our community favourite moves. Just remember that consistency is key - as with any facial workout, the more you workout, the stronger and longer-lasting the results will be. 

With the powerful combination of theWeighted Face Ball andYouth Reformer Serum, working the muscles around the brow will help you to see more defined contours in this area, and the circulation boost will help to deliver an enhanced glow to the skin. 

So why not give this quick and easy routine a go at home today - don’t forget to share your pictures with us to show off your 21 Day Reset results. 

And if you'd like to check out the full programme for the 21 Day Reset, you can find more details on ourEvents page or follow along daily on Instagram at@FaceGym.



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