What is the FaceGym 21 Day Reset & How Can You Get Involved?

Looking to start 2023 with an effective new beauty regime? Good news: the FaceGym 21 Day Reset is back! 

We're kicking off the New Year in FaceGym style by running our famous 21 Day workout challenge. 

Beginning on January 9th, this power-packed three-week programme will guide you in setting some fabulous new habits in your skincare and facial fitness regime. 

Join our hand-picked team of FaceGym trainers and guest experts in this popular three-week challenge that will deliver visible effects in real-time - results that will help you step into the New Year feeling refreshed, recharged, and brimming with kick-ass confidence.

What is the 21 Day Reset? 

The FaceGym 21 Day Reset Challenge is a series of free online training, tips, workouts and guest experts to help you head into your new year feeling amazing, inside and out. 

Designed to help you reset for your best year yet, this programme offers you 21 days of facial workouts that will help you see visible results before the end of the challenge. 

Our team of personal trainers will guide you in daily tips, demos and workouts to help you set some powerful new habits in your skincare routine that will keep you looking fabulous all year long. 

You can also expect some special VIP guest takeovers, featuring some of our celebrity FaceGym fans and famous faces from the beauty and wellness industry.

We'll be covering everything from effective at-home facials, tips for boosting collagen, and guidance for new habits that will improve your skin’s metabolism. 

Expect definitive tips, tricks and best-kept secrets from the experts, all designed to help you enjoy smoother, brighter and lifted skin all year long.

The Reset Routine - your essential training kit

To support your amazing efforts during the 21 Day Reset, we've designed a special skin-care kit called The Reset Routine. 

This collection of four of our most popular skincare products will enhance your daily facial workouts and optimise your results. 

The kit includes our multi-award-winning Hydro-bound serum, along with our famous essence toner, a powerful cleanser and our firming favourite, the Liftwear moisturiser. 

When you purchase these fab four in our Reset Routine kit, you receive a 35% discount on the price of the collection, and for those local to our FaceGym studio, a limited number of complimentary Signature workouts are included with your purchase. 

What are the benefits of the 21 Day Reset? 

If you join us for even just a few of the 21 days of training, you can expect to see some inspiring results, especially if you take part in the workouts and add the FaceGym tips and tools to your beauty regime. 

The more you take part, the more you can expect to see results such as lifting, sculpting, toning and tightening of your face and skin, a brighter and firmer complexion, and that unmistakable glint in your eye that comes with feeling good on the inside. 

You also receive a special discount on the Reset Routine beauty kit, as well as a complimentary workout for eligible in-studio purchases. 

How to get involved

If you're ready to join us in ringing the feel-good changes this New Year, you can find all the 21 Day Reset programme info and updates on our Instagram page: @facegym, and our website:

Follow us now and stay tuned for all the details on events and schedules, along with news of some fabulous guest experts who will be joining us to help you kick-start your 2023 looking great and feeling fantastic. 

If you're ready to learn and establish some effective new skincare habits that will upgrade your beauty regime and your confidence, head over to our Instagram account @facegym to access all the details. 

You’ll also learn more about the amazing benefits of our Reset Routine - including that 35% discount and the free studio workouts. 

Then get ready to fire up your skin’s metabolism, send your collagen levels soaring and become a pro at facial workouts. 

Join us for this fabulous 21 Day Reset, and discover the FaceGym effect that the beauty world is talking about - the ultimate transformation for your skin, mind and self.



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